Tuesday, February 28, 2006

DevilDriver - End of the Line

Another live video, but unlike the KoRn video below, Dez Faffera and co. know how to keep things interesting rather than just use a raw live track. The video contains scenes from various concert performances, mosh pits, and backstage antics, including fans showing of their really cool DevilDriver logo tattoos.
It all combines together to show you what a DevilDriver show is like live, and draws you in to want to be a part of one, and that's suppose to be the purpose for live videos, to get you to want to go to the band's shows.
Video Rating: ***1/2

KoRn - Coming Undone

I'm going to be totally bias here. I HATED the new Korn album and regreted forking out40 bucks for it. Listening through the whole album, I really wondered just which track they'd pick for their next single and how could get anyone to like it considering how crappy every track on the CD is.
Well, here's your answer. A raw live recording of Coming Undone, and it sounds just as crap as the album version and the video is boring as heck.
Video Rating: DUD

Friday, February 10, 2006

Rammstein - Mann Gegen Mann

This is one of those videos that will easilly make the banned list of many music video stations due to the content, and you'll definately want to give this a miss if your a homophobic!
The title translates to "Man Against Man", and features the whole band in the buff (with their privates cleverly blocked out by their instruments) save for vocalist Till, who's wearing a leather speedo and thigh high boots. So while the band is jamming away to the song, we see scenes of muscular manly men flexing their oiled up bodies before piling on to each other and squirming around like sardines in a can! Amongst all this homophobic content, there's one cool scene where Till sports a forked tongue, and he rips his hair out by the end of it.
Now I can down right say this was the most uneasy Rammstein video I've ever had to sit through, but I can appreciate the art of it I guess. If your not up to seeing manly men squirm around each other with the slight chance of seeing their goods every now and then, you best stay away from this one. But it's a good addition to their video catalogue though.
Video Rating: ***

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Strapping Young Lad - Love

The best track off their 2005 CD "Alien".
The video is a tribute to the old Evil Dead horror movies as it parodies said movies featuring the band rocking out in a wooden cottage in the middle of a forrest as a tape recorder plays, with scenes of blood stained chainsaws and stuffed animal heads on the wall. We also see shots of the band in the dark as a lit lightbuld swings accross the darkness just enough so we see their faces.
And just like in the movies, by the end of the video we see the band members as zombified versions of themselves, still jamming till the tape recorder ends, signifying the end of the video.
This is a fun video to go along with a heavy hitting song that some really heavy riffs, and yet some great melody which compliments Devin Townsends surprisingly good singing voice when he's not screaming.
This video is definately a keeper.
Video Rating: ****