Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Celtic Frost - A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh

This doesn't really sound like the type of song you release a promo video for, but I rather like the approach they took and the rather artistic feel with the band all covered in mud and ash to look like corpses, with the singer/bassist dressed as a priest. The background switches from pitch black to bright white, with the singer's outfit color also changing to the opposite of the background with clips of the band jamming along to the slow chugging riffs of the song.
Video Rating: ****

Monday, November 20, 2006

Slayer - Eyes of the Insane

This video redefines the term "point of view" as everything is seen through the reflection of an eyeball as a man is sent to war, is almost killed in an explosion and operated on by surgeons before ultimately hanging himself. A rather interesting concept, but I thought it was really boring.
Video Rating: **

Friday, November 17, 2006

Dragonforce - Operation Ground and Pound

At first I thought this was just going to be another average video, since it starts off with the band jamming in a waste land with giant air-ships coming out of skies and laying waste to everything in their path. Standard Gothanberg fare to go with the band's speedy power metal. But than the video takes a rather entertaining and comedic twist during the dual guitar solo when it pans out to show the two guitarists are actually playing a video game and they are controlling themselves playing guitar much like the video game Guitar Hero, only here they are using joypads and joysticks! There's even a funny shot of the singer in front of a green screen shaking his head at their antics! And the video ends with more of the band jamming it out till the end and the sunlight breaks through the clouds to shine on them on a cliff top.
Fun video and a rather catchy song. I've heard quite a bit about these guys and it's interesting to hear and see them in action.
Video Rating: ****

Deftones - Hole in the Earth

The first single off the new upcoming album is vintage Deftones sound, as in the type of mellow yet loud songs they've been doing on the past few albums.
The video sees Chino is traveling around space in a pod, and the band jamming in a black dark background. Chino is also seen walking through the city as it implodes on itself into a black hole, leading up to the blackness the band jams in. Chino also plays guitar in this one.
Not really a whole lot to the video, but I dig the song.
Video Rating: ***