Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Static-X - I'm The One

Crazy haired Wayne Static and his industrial metal monsterband Static-X are back with a new album called "Start A War", and this it the first single off of it. The sound is definately the old-school Static-X sound of heavy and chugging guitars with a touch of techno sounds thrown in. As for the video, it's rather simple as the band jams in an abandoned warehouse with some glass-like camera effects where a magnifying line crosses the screen to add some effect to an otherwise dull video. This is a far drop from the days when they put out cool videos like "Push It" and "I'm With Stupid".
Video Rating: *

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Berzerker - No One Wins

I'm not sure how new this video is, but its definately rare for these underground masked death metallers to release a video. They've been doing the masked extreme metal thing before Slipknot even if I'm not mistaken, and the masks they use are more demon-like than symbolic like the personalities of Slipknot's members.
Simple video as you could expect, featuring the band jamming in the middle of the desert and at a dam it looks like, mixed in with concert footage. Not the best video in the world, but like I said, it's a rare look at this freakish band and worth checking out for that novalty alone.
Video Rating: **

Thursday, June 09, 2005

As I Lay Dying - Confined

Interesting video sees the band jamming in the rain in total darkness out in the middle of nowhere. In addition to the screaming, the vocalist does a really good job of singing more this time around, and it's always a plus in my book when they can blend both screaming and singing into a song. This guy has a good voice too, and the band back him up pretty well with heavy riffs that can turn melodic when required.
Video ends with this kid trying to draw on the floor but it gets washed away by the rain. Good video and can't wait to hear more from these guys as I thought their major debut from 2 years back was pretty decent.
Video Rating: **1/2

Limp Bizkit - The Truth

The good news about Limp Bizkit's new album is that Wes Borland has returned to the band. The bad news is that Fred Durst has decided to rip off Rage Against The Machine since they aren't around anymore. That would be the biggest complaint many would seem to have about Limp Bizkit's latest offering, and the fact they released this really cheap video doesn't help.
It's basically just the band jamming in a dark empty studio with the camera angles switching to different views, almost voyeuristic, but nothing special. The song itself just seems to drag on for five minutes.
I was actually considering getting this album since it was cheaper than normal and only had about 7 tracks on it, but after this, I don't think I'll be getting it till it ends up in the bargain bin for cheaper. Or maybe we can hope if they release a 2nd single, it will be something better than this.
Video Rating: *

Friday, June 03, 2005

Orgy - Punk Statik Paranoia (CD)

Orgy first made it big when they were discovered and signed by KoRn, and were even given a big break touring on the inaugural Family Values Tour in 1998 along with Korn, Limp Bizkit and Rammstein. Incubus were on that tour too, but nobody gave a shit about them back then.
Orgy scored a big hit single with a cover of the New Order song "Blue Monday" and I believe their debut album "Candy Ass" made Gold status. Their second album Vapor Transmission was received less well then their debut, but was an ok listen. Orgy basically mixed their nu-metal style with a touch of industrial.
They dissapeared off the radar for some time after and resurfaced just last year with a new album on a new record label. It's just too bad they couldn't make more use of their time away, as at just 9 songs, there really isn't much to absorb here. But at least they fill in a good 30 minutes with just 9 tracks than Linkin Park can with 12!
Some changes were made to the bands style this time around, as they've embraced a more nu-metal sound instead of the techno-industrial bits that got them to the dance. This isn't all bad, but out of 9 tracks, I'd say that it's 1/3 listenable. The things that I didn't like is the way that vocalist Jay Gordon would just seem to sing out of tune deliberately in some places cause he can't reach the chord required, and the same goes for some of the guitar plucking. It just shows laziness to me also that they released a full album with just 9 tracks instead of going for the standard 12. And Gordon needs to stay away from anything even remotely that sounds like trying to rap on a song cause he definately doesn't have the voice for it, and lay off the echo effects while he's at it too.
CD Rating: **

Must Hear Tracks:
- Leave Me Out
- The Obvious
- Inside My Head
- Can't Take This

Ektomorf - Show Your Fist

These guys have easilly been compared and dismissed as Soulfly/Max Cavalera-era Sepultura due to the singer's uncanny resemblance to Max as far as the sound of his voice and the band are concerned. But unlike many, I don't write off certain bands who sound alike, and when I first heard Ektomorf last year I was instantly hooked.
This simple video basically sees the band jamming in a warehouse surrounded by moshers and headbangers pumping their fists in the air as the title of the song implies. This is one of those protestive defiance type songs asking kids to stand up and speak out for themselves. Great hard hitting track.
Video Rating: ***

Pain - Bye/Die

Side project of one of the members of Hypocrissy, who adds a more industrial twist to his dark gothic style. Another easy video sees the band jamming on stage in what looks like a club somewhere. Really catchy tune, plus the chick bass and guitar player are rather easy on the eyes. Only drawback is the video is kinda short at just under 3 minutes.
Video Rating: ***

Bleed the Sky - Minion

This band looks and sounds like Chimaira! One could easilly dismiss them as just that, but these guys actually sound good and do a good job in this simple video where the band jams in a studio set, laced in with a few small visual effects like the screen shaking from the impact of the band jumping around as they jam.
Definately worth keeping an eye open for more from these guys.
Video Rating: ***