Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nirvana: Live Tonight! Sold Out! (DVD)

This remastered DVD of the classic VHS tape is easily a must have for any Nirvana fan! In addition to the original footage on the tape, some extra live footage was added and make a great addition to an already classic release. Get it if you can find it!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Some stuff I paid for!

Trivium - The Crusade
These guys have been seriously compared to Metallica in the past, but none more than on this album where guitarist/singer Matt Heafy and company sound more like Metallica than Metallica themselves have in years! If your into the old-school instead of all the nu-metal down-turned riffs and heavy screaming, you definitely will want to check this one out!
CD Rating: ****

Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies
Surprisingly vocalist Howard Jones does a lot more singing than screaming on their 3rd major label release, which isn't a bad thing in my opinion as his vocals feel really forced when he screams and shrieks. Everything is tight and solid, and this is a good addition to any metal CD collection.
CD Rating: ***1/2

Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist
The first time I listened through this, it just wasn't very inspiring as nothing really stood out. A lot of melancholy ambiance type tunes, with a few heavy hitters here and there. One that will basically take a while to grow on you.
CD Rating: ***1/2

Friday, December 01, 2006

Dry Kill Logic - Of Vengeance and Violence (CD)

I was originally excited when I heard a new Dry Kill Logic was out, since their 2004 album, The Dead and Dreaming yielded one of my favorite songs, Paper Tiger, which still gets regular play in my car stereo and MP3 player.
Unfortunately their latest album comes out rather flat and mostly sounds like a Hatebreed album, but minus the sing-along hardcore anthems. They don't mix things up enough in the songs like their previous efforts, and the whole thing just comes off as boring and forgetful.
CD Rating: **