Thursday, February 09, 2006

Strapping Young Lad - Love

The best track off their 2005 CD "Alien".
The video is a tribute to the old Evil Dead horror movies as it parodies said movies featuring the band rocking out in a wooden cottage in the middle of a forrest as a tape recorder plays, with scenes of blood stained chainsaws and stuffed animal heads on the wall. We also see shots of the band in the dark as a lit lightbuld swings accross the darkness just enough so we see their faces.
And just like in the movies, by the end of the video we see the band members as zombified versions of themselves, still jamming till the tape recorder ends, signifying the end of the video.
This is a fun video to go along with a heavy hitting song that some really heavy riffs, and yet some great melody which compliments Devin Townsends surprisingly good singing voice when he's not screaming.
This video is definately a keeper.
Video Rating: ****


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