Monday, December 05, 2005

Fear Factory - Transgresssion (CD)

Last year Fear Factory released Archetype, their first album after founding member guitarist Dino Cazeras left the band. The album was panned by some critics as Fear Factory without a soul just cause Dino wasn't behind the 7-string assault. But personally I found it to be the best Fear Factory offering since Demanufacture, and that's saying A LOT.
Fast forward to this year and the Factory released Transgression, in their words a step back to their earlier work like Demanufacture and Soul of a New Machine. To me however, this would be an example of Fear Factory without a soul. It's a step back in the wrong direction as nothing seems to mesh. While the trademark industrial trash beats and themes (cybernetic future wars) are there, as well as Burton Bell's trademark growls and choirboy like singing, it mostly doesn't feel complete and mostly forgetable.
But I do commend them on the track "Supernova", which is easily the best track on the whole album even if it sounds more rock than the usual Fear Factory industrial trash experiance.
CD Rating: **


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