Friday, December 30, 2005

KoRn - See You On The Other Side (CD)

There are two factors that influence a band that makes them good or bad. 1) They lose a founding member (see Adema), and 2) They have a change of attitude (see Slipknot). But it's almost always never a good thing when both of these factors come crashing together as the result is usually for the worst.
This is exactly the feeling I got listening to the new KoRn album, See You On The Other Side, their first since the departure of founding member/guitarist Brian "Head" Welch. When Fear Factory lost (as in fired) their founding guitarist Dino Cazeras, they were still able to pull off their signature sound with bassist Christian Olde Wuldbers taking over the axe duties, but it's pretty obvious KoRn lost more than just a guitarist when Head left.
I can respect KoRn when they say they aren't the angry young men they were when they first hit the scene over a decade ago, and can admire them for wanting to try something different, but from top to bottom this is probably the worse album I've heard all year, and I'd put it in the running for my year end award for just that if it had came out just a month or two earlier.
There is absolutely no redeeming quality whatsover here, even the first single "Twisted Transistor". I had wondered why the video was more story based with more attention to the characters in the video than the actual song, and after hearing the song clearly on it's own I now understand why. It just sounds like a filler track with no head or tail, and an unforgivably long intro that you can't skip past. Heck, the whole album actually sounds like filler with nothing that would make me want to sit through the whole thing again.
I pains me to do this to one of my all time favorite bands, but..


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