Friday, February 10, 2006

Rammstein - Mann Gegen Mann

This is one of those videos that will easilly make the banned list of many music video stations due to the content, and you'll definately want to give this a miss if your a homophobic!
The title translates to "Man Against Man", and features the whole band in the buff (with their privates cleverly blocked out by their instruments) save for vocalist Till, who's wearing a leather speedo and thigh high boots. So while the band is jamming away to the song, we see scenes of muscular manly men flexing their oiled up bodies before piling on to each other and squirming around like sardines in a can! Amongst all this homophobic content, there's one cool scene where Till sports a forked tongue, and he rips his hair out by the end of it.
Now I can down right say this was the most uneasy Rammstein video I've ever had to sit through, but I can appreciate the art of it I guess. If your not up to seeing manly men squirm around each other with the slight chance of seeing their goods every now and then, you best stay away from this one. But it's a good addition to their video catalogue though.
Video Rating: ***


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