Saturday, May 21, 2005

Six Feet Under - Shadow of the Reaper

This was another fun SFU video, but looked suspiciously like something Rob Zombie would do. Heck, Chris Barnes even looked like Zombie here the way he had ghost makeup on as the band jammed in a black shadowy space. And another similarity to Zombie is that the video takes an old-school horror movie theme!
We see this teen couple going out to the country side to get all romantic and stuff till they run into this little girl who brings them back to her place where they have dinner with her family. We then see the little girl's two sisters hit on the guy while their mom yacks away about something. The guy ends up ignoring his girl and going off with the two sisters. His girlfriend tracks them down where she sees the little girl run off after spying through an open door. She peeps through the door to see the guy about to make out with the two sisters and runs off in disgust. But what she didn't see after she left was the sisters freaking out turning into zombies themselves or something and what happens to the guy aren't shown. But the girlfriend is now driving off into the night until she comes upon the little girl who herself has gone psycho to end the video.
Interesting and weird at the same time with a great thrashing track to go with it. Definately worth checking out.
Video Rating: ***1/2


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