Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Eighteen Visions - I Let Go

I haven't really been big on Eighteen Visions since they look like one of those pretty boy punk bands like Good Charlotte/Simple Plan, but at least these guys rock harder like they should be instead of singing dumb love songs and calling themselves a punk band when they really arent.
This however, is a pretty good video from them. It's a bit late or early for a New Year (or End of The World in this case) party video like this, but it's still fun none the less as we see the band jam in the middle of a house party surrounded by hot chicks and party goers. As the video progresses, we see each individual member enjoying himself at the party, usually accompanied by a chick or two.
As the video comes to an end, the party goers start stripping off their clothes as they continue to dance around the band and ends with them all running out to the balcony to catch either the sunrise or something, I'm not sure since they didn't show what it was.
But like I said at the start, this is a nicely done simple video with a good track to it. So give a shot and give these guys their "more deserved than others" 15 minutes.
Video Rating: ***


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