Sunday, March 06, 2005

KoRn loses it's Head!!!

I can't believe that after 13 years together and revolutionizing the metal world, Brian "Head" Welch of KoRn has left the band! WHY you must ask? The SOB found RELIGION! Appearantly he left the band a month ago and I only just found out now from a Yahoo report on his baptism.
This is a HUGE loss to the metal world, and another reason I HATE organized religion. Sure he was suffering from depression and addiction, but there's no reason he can't be holy and still jam with one of the greatest metal bands on the planet! Look at P.O.D and Demon Hunter!
I wish Head all the best in his new life, but this is a sad day in metal, and hopefully KoRn can survive with whoever they pick as his replacement.


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