Monday, January 10, 2005

Slipknot - Vermilion Pt2

This is one of those videos that makes an otherwise dull song interesting. Also interesting to note this is the first Slipknot video that doesn't feature the band itself in it, and it kinda looks like something Tool would do.

The video starts out with this girl lying in the middle of a field. Whether she's dead or not is never made clear. as it progresses, a breeze of wind blowing in the field suddenly gets VERY strong and the girl's body is lifted off the ground like a piece of paper and is sent floating around the place! It's a bit spooky cause her motions remind me of the ghosts in Silent Hill 4.
She is basically carried by the wind all around the place and at one point she even opens her eyes as she floats around. The video ends with the wind finally laying her down on the ground again and everything ends in a silent calm.

Like I said above, if you heard the track on the album, it would come off as really dull, but this video for the song is actually interesting and spooky at the same time, though I'm really sure how the lyrics connect with the graphics. Still, a good video I recommend checking out.
Video Rating: ***


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