Thursday, December 23, 2004

Lacrimas Profundre - Amber Girl

These guys are serious Type O Negative/HIM rip-offs, but they do a good job of it at least! Wouldn't surprise me if they were Finnish either.

The video sees the band jamming in an attic surrounded by incomplete mannequins. Not really spooky or anything, and they do a good job of cutting from the singer to the rest of the band jamming their parts.
The song itself is really bordering on being a total HIM rip-off. From the heavy tones of the music, right on down to the heavy low tone of the singer's voice with the almost Type O Negative Peter Steele lip-curl smirk.

If you like HIM and TON, you should definately check this out. If you hate rip-offs out of fear that a hundred bands that sound the same are gonna suddenly pop up cause HIM sold a million records, then you should know what to do.
Video Rating: ***


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