Friday, November 19, 2004

Fear Factory - Bite The Hand That Bleeds

The original innovators of industrial metal return with this great track off the SAW motion picture soundtrack! I saw pirated DVDs of this movie starring Danny Glover all over the place, and just past it over as another B-grade slasher flick, but now I have a bit of an interest to check it out after watching this video!

The video starts with vocalist Burton Bell waking up in a bathtub to find himself and his fellow bandmates chained together and locked up in a bathroom. This psycho chick then comes in and taunts them throughout the video as scenes from the movie flash by, and the band go through scenes reminiscent of that in the movie.
Example being they are all bound together by chains, with the key placed just out of reach, or the false hope of freedom they get when psycho chick hands them a pair of hacksaws to cut the chains, only to find the saws too blunt to cut the chain!

The song on the other hand is one of the more hauting songs by Fear Factory. You won't hear Bell growling as he usually does, but sing throughout the whole track with his near choir-like singing voice. One thing I always like about Fear Factory is that they could play hard or mellow, and make either one work!

I definately recommend this video as well as checking out the movie the soundtrack is from as it looks very promising.
Video Rating:****


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