Monday, October 18, 2004

Dry Kill Logic - Paper Tiger

This was a plesant surprise. I never bought DKL's firts album, but I just might pick up there new album "The Dead and Dreaming" should it become available here thanks to this killer track.

Since their first album, "The Darker Side of Nonsense" came out over two years ago, the band have gone through some changes. They now have a new guitarist and bassist, and from all reports, the guitarist brought a breath of fresh air to the group in the form of more melody and guitar solos. And it's put to effect here in this cool video.

The video starts out with this stoned Japanese chick wandering aimlessly through the city streets till she hears the band jamming in an abandoned theater. As the band jams, she walks around the rafters watching them, till she makes her way to the main floor which is littered with scraps of paper. As it goes on, she starts collecting the paper scraps and starts folding them (origami) and at the end of the video she's sobered up and in a kimono. She takes a bow and walks off as the camera zooms in on a paper tiger she made out of all the paper scraps.

This is a good video, but the song is the main selling point. As I mentioned above, there's a real melody here to go with the heavy guitar chugging, and the best part is the vocals! Vocalist Cliff Rigano not only screams here, but he SINGS! And he did a really good job of it. Imagine the screaming voice of Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta mixed with the singing of System Of A Down's Serj Tenkian! It was definately this sweet vocal mix that caught my attention and makes me highly recommend this video and song.
Video Rating: ****

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