Friday, October 08, 2004

Megadeth - Die Dead Enough

Returning from a severe hand injury that almost cost him his guitar playing career, Dave Mustane and Megadeth are back with a new album, The System Has Failed, which is available locally now. This is more or less Dave on his own since the rest of the band quit, but that's not stopping Diamond Dave!

For some reason, when Metallica decided to change their direction, it sucks on so many levels. But when Megadeth change their way of playing, it still works! This song and video are a good example.

The video basically features Dave by himself sitting in a chair locked in a room with monitors around him. While he's singing and playing guitar, scenes of two kids flash on the monitors. They kids play on the beach till they dig up some bones and start playing and digging some more with those, till ultimately they find the door to the room Dave is locked in and let him out. Dave exits the room to a sunset and the kids walking off. Good stuff!
The song itself is also kinda catchy. Dave definately sings better than James Hatfield of Metallica. When I hear James sing, it sounds like he's bored and would rather be somewhere else. Dave on the other hand can sing AND growl. That's talent for ya.
Video Rating: ***1/2


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