Friday, September 24, 2004

Marilyn Manson - Personnal Jesus

Cover of a classic Depeche Mode song which sounds tailor made for the self professed Anti-Christ Superstar.
The video sees the the band jamming with images of famous political leaders in the background like Bush, Ghandi, JFK and Stalin. There's also a group of scantally clad woman bouncing about on paper rocking horses and posing seductively in confession booths with Manson acting the part of sinister minister.
Near the end of the video, the women become scantally clad nuns as we see a creepy image of Manson singing while holding a crying baby. He then drops the "baby" which shatters on the grown spilling coins everywhere like a piggy bank to end the video.
Creepy video with little nudity thrown in and the rare sight of Manson playing guitar. Worth checking out.
Video Rating: ***1/2


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