Sunday, August 22, 2004

Fear Factory - ArcheType

Fear Factory's newest video and the title track of their current album is a breath of fresh air after the dissapointment that was their previous video, CyberWaste. This video sees the band going back to their video roots of a cybernetic future where machines dominate.
We see singer Burton C. Bell running through an empty city, chased by 'zombies' I guess, in a scene reminiscent of the movie 48 Hours After. We also see him in a hospital type setting levitating off his bed with electrodes and stuff stuck to him, laced in with scenes of him and the band jamming in various locales, from an empty warehouse type environment, to a rooftop in fron of a sunrise.
The song itself will satisfy all Fear Factory purists like myself as they go the classic route of the genre they created with the heavy riffs, and vocals that mix heavy growling with almost choir like singing that Bell is the originator of.
Definately the best Fear Factory video in a while and this is a killer track.
Video Rating: ****

Credit: BurnedMediaVideos for the video


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