Sunday, June 13, 2004

Music Video Reviews

Lordi - Would You Love a Monsterman?
The best way to describe Finnish shock-rockers Lordi is GWAR meets the Darkness! These guys look more extreme than GWAR, but they sound more like the Darkness with vocalist Lordi's almost Rob Halford type vocal ability! This first video is from their 2002 debut "Get Heavy", and is an interesting debut video for the band as they play in a dark, dead forest in front of a little girl. Great song and video overall!
Video Rating: ***1/2

Lordi - Blood Red Sandman
The first video from their new album "The Monsterican Dream" sees the band pay homage to the Evil Dead movies as they flat out ripoff the movies plot with three teens in a cabin finding a tape recording and suddenly being attacked and possessed by the Lordi zombies until only one of them is left to face the evil alone! Great song and video! Highly recommended!
Video Rating: ****

Seether feat. Amy Lee - Broken
One of my favorite tracks from the Punisher movie soundtrack. We see Seether playing in what looks like a post tornado hit trailer park. Amy shows up as an angel with black wings and sings her part. Great video and great song again!
Video Rating: ***1/2

The Transport League - Disconnect Massconnect
The first ever video by this band that has been around for a long time. First thing you'll immediately notice is the big resemblance in look and style to Static-X. The video features the band playing in a space ship or something and there are hoses or something attached to the singer's neck, which sometimes seems to get in his way. Don't know if it was suppose to turn out like that. Still, visually a good video and catchy song, but at almost five minutes seems to go too long.
Video Rating: ***


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