Saturday, May 29, 2004

Music Video Reviews

Nightwish - Nemo
From the upcoming "Once" album. This is a really great song and video, though severly cut down from the original album version, which is about NINE MINUTES long. The video features the band, fronted by the beautiful Tarja Turunen, playing in the middle of a frozen wasteland as we see clips of a girl crawling through various obstacles. I really like this song as Tarja's angelic, operatic voice blends so well with heavy, melodic music.
Video Rating: ****

Evanescence - Everybody's Fool
Why Nightwish don't get as much international attention as Evanescence is beyond me. This video is obviously a stab at ex-guitarist and founding member Ben Moody who walked out on the band awhile back during the band's European tour, featuring singer Amy Lee in various "commercials" selling "Lies". Fun that we get to see Amy in various ways we never really do, like smilling, and dying her hair blonde, and being a diva! Also features the usual depressing shots of her as she sings her heart out. Good stuff though.
Video Rating: ***

A Perfect Circle - The Outsider
ALOT of eye-candy in this one as it revolves around the "Bikini Bandits" DVD as we see a foursome of bikini clad beauties causing all kinds of havoc in a small town. The lead bandit just gets released from jail and immediately goes on a crime spree with her fellow bandits. This is an unusually upbeat video for a depressing sounding song from a band known for depressing music. Still fun though.
Video Rating: ***


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