Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Music Video Reviews

Crematory - Greed
- A long established German band. Fun video featuring the band in a house in the middle of a storm, suddenly a giant 50ft woman comes out of the darkness to watch the band play! She then tears the house apart as the band plays on. I've always enjoyed bands that mix grindcore vocals with melodic vocals, and these guys (and one gal) do a good job of it. Good song, good video!
Video Rating: ***1/2
Crematory official website

Ektomorf - Destroy
- Another German band. The singer looks like Burton Bell of Fear Factory, the band looks like KoRn, and they sound like Soulfly! Yeah, takes a while to digest all that, but these guys sound really good. Video is simply them jamming in a dark room, looks like an attic, mixed with some black 'n' white screens. Still good however and this is definately a band to keep an eye on. Could they get as big as Rammstein?
Video Rating: ***
Ektomorf official website

Impaled Nazarene - Armageddon Death Squad
- Death thrash speed metal at it's best. Features the band playing in the dark so you can't really get a clear look at them as a group of cheerleaders dance with guns! By the end of the movie, the cheerleaders turn firing squad and blow away the band! Complete with blood as they get blown away!
Video Rating: ***

Morbid Angel - Enshrined by Grace
- One of the pioneers of death metal return with their newest video. The band jams in a circle of fire as four women tied to poles are forced to watch war, riot and other forms of violent footage on a brick wall screen. Pretty good.
Video Rating: ***

Moonspell - Everything Invaded
- This is a great video, as it's filmed in the style of a horror movie trailer! Hints of Blair Witch, the Omen and the Prophecy, with a hint of zombie movie influence! Great stuff, great song!
Video Rating: ***1/2


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