Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Return of Drowning Pool

After WrestleMania XX, my buddy TenzanTeam2K asked me who was it that did the theme song for the show. I was wondering the same thing myself since it was a pretty catchy tune.
First I thought maybe it was Tantric, then maybe the new Godsmack, but after searching the web a bit I found out it was the new single 'Step Up' by none other than Drowning Pool!
That's right, after almost two years since original lead singer Dave Williams passed away suddenly, Drowning Pool have now recruited a new vocalist, Jason 'Gong' Jones, and a new album titled Desensitized due for release on 4/20/2004.
The song 'Step Up' is also the lead single on the soundtrack of the upcoming The Punisher movie. Also a highly anticipated CD to look out for.
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