Sunday, February 01, 2004

CD Reviews


Another discovery by Shawn 'The Clown' Crahan of Slipknot. His first discovery was American Head Charge and their debut CD, The War Of Art has been playing in my car stereo for the past two years! But wouldn't you know when I searched the web to do some research on the band for this review, I find that they have already left RoadRunner Records and are searching for a new label. And the whole band has changed except for the two founding members, vocalist/keyboardist Church and Bassist Kuk.

This album originally came out in 2002, but sue me if I only managed to get it late December last year. I had some high hopes for this band after watching their first video, Medicated. Downthesun come accross as following the trend of Industrial Metal bands that are popping up everywhere. I would describe their sound as Slipknot meets Tool. Lots of heavy chugging guitars and screaming, but also a blend of melody near the end. The dual vocal blend of screaming and singing go hand in hand here. I found the overall album to be an OK listen but without the lastability of Slipknot or AHC. Hopefully their next outing can still hold the sound of this gem.
Stand out tracks - Medicated, We All Die, Listen.
Rating: 3/5

DOPE - GROUP THERAPY (Recon/Artemis)

Dope have been around for awhile and have themselves seen many changes in their lineups and musical styles since their first release, Fellons and Revolutionaries (1999), followed by Life (2001), and now their third full length, Group Therapy. Since then, founding members Simon Dope left the band, guitarist Trip Eisen is now with Static-X, bassist Acey Slade has done time with Joey Jordison's Murderdolls, and the band is now just left with four members.

The sound of Dope has changed drastically over the years and Group Therapy is their best offering to date. Proven when this album made it on to many of 2003's 'Best Of' lists of many Metal magazines. Thirteen overall great diverse hard rock tracks as Edsel Dope stretches his vocal abilities to the max. Despite the loss of keyboardist Simon Dope from the line-up, Dope still maintain certain electronic qualities to their sound and even pull out an accoustic ballad. Highly recommended overall album, plus it includes thirteen full length videos for each track on the CD!
Stand out tracks - Falling Away, Bitch, I Am, Today Is The Day.
Rating: 4/5


Ex-Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara's new band and one of my favorite new bands of 2003. Fafara finally broke away from Coal Chamber and creates one of the most brutal and aggressive albums of the year, completely blowing away anything he did with his ex-band straight to hell. There is ALOT of anger to be heard throughout this album as DevilDriver mix black, death and hardcore metal styes in one relentless sonic assault. They don't let up for a minute! Not much I can say but BUY THIS CD!!!
Stand out tracks - I Could Care Less, Die (And Die Now), What Does It Take (To Be A Man), Devil's Son.
Rating: 5/5


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