Friday, January 30, 2004

Music Video Reviews

I've downloaded alot of music videos over the past few weeks, some new and some old. Thought I'd give some thoughts on what I liked and disliked about them and whether you should spend your internet time downloading them if you have a slow modem (56k) like me. I rated the videos on a 1 - 5 scale.

MachineHead - Imperium - It took me almost a whole month to download this one and it was well worth it. Thanks to 'hamzaj' whoever you are for always being the one sharer online that I slowly had to download the video from. This is one of those epic long music videos that sees MachineHead go back to their roots of albums like 'Burn My Eyes' and 'The More Things Change', goes through three stages, first in a warehouse, then somewhere in the wilderness, and finally in a confined red room. A cool video I recommend if you can find it. 4/5

Black Dahlia Murder - Contagion - Band plays in a church while images of war and conflict are shown. Good effort for the band's first video and while I'm still trying to decipher what the vocalist is singing, I'm guessing the images on screen are something to do with the war on terrorism. Still, an OK video. 3/5

Poison The Well - Bothcla - I heard alot of hype about this band, but their first video is complete utter crap! Just the band playing in an empty warehouse, and most of the shots are of their backs! Wouldn't you want people to see your faces more than your backs? Save your hard disk space for something better. 1/5

Murderdolls - White Wedding - The band's second video and a cover of Billy Idol's famous song. Cool video that pokes fun at the American Idol TV show, known here as Dispossable Idol. The band take out the contestant and take over the show. Good shots of the band and close-up in your face shots of singer Wednesday 13 and guitarist Joey Jordison (Drummer of Slipknot FYI). Trip Eisen is noticibly absent.... Download this if you can find it. 4/5

Motograter - Down - Very much like Mushroomhead, this group of 8 full body painted freaks make a good debut video. Known for their homemade bass instrument, The Grater, that you see occasional shots of. Very scratchy picture like Murhroomhead's 'Sun Doesn't Rise' video, but not as painfull on the eyes cause of the darker graphics they use. Cool song too. 3/5

Spineshank - Smothered - Oh how this band has changed since their first album 'Strictly Diesel'. This video shows some similarity to their last video, 'New Disease', which takes a voyeuristic look at the band as they jam a way in a secluded area. Here it looks like an old attic with hidden cameras everywhere. Nice touch the way the sound would blur or go silent everytime the band stumble on or break a camera. 3/5

Hatebreed - This Is Now - Your standard band playing in a club video while the audience moshes and sings along to the cues. 2/5

Superjoint Ritual - Waiting For The Turning Point - See above. Phil Anselmo left Pantera for this?!? 2/5


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