Saturday, January 17, 2004

CD Review: Type O Negative - Life Is Killing Me (Special Two Disc Version)

First off, I know this album has been out for a while, but I only just managed to buy it while in Sigapore a while back and have only now manage to give it a good listening to.

A bit of background, Type O Negative were one of the first Goth/Dark Metal bands I ever heard. First time I saw them on MTV was their "Black #1" video and then "Love You To Death". I was hooked cause of their dark styles, and most of their songs are about bad relationships and self loathing as opposed to Devil worship that most other bands in the genre follow. Singer/Bassist Pete Steele has this cool low pitched voice (kinda like me), and is also somekind of underground sex symbol, he even once bore all for Playgirl :-O (kinda like me.....NOT!!!)
Type O Negative also stand out as I have never heard another band that can even come close to touching their sound.

After their dissapointing 1999 release, World Coming Down (which I didn't get), Type O Negative redeem themselves with Life Is Killing Me, going back to their roots of past albums like Bloody Kisses (which My mom manage to find for me in San Francisco, USA!!!) and October Rust (Which I STILL am searching for!). The formula works well unlike the disaster that was World Coming Down. Going from slow heavy dark tunes to fast almost thrashy punk type riffs, showing great diversity. Peter Steele also has good control over his vocal skills, going from singing to shouting to a quiet whisper to fit the mood of the song.

Two stand out must hear tracks are "I Don't Wanna Be Me" and "I Like Goils", but don't get me wrong, the overall album is enjoyable. The version I have includes a bonus disc of rare and unreleased tracks, including the never before heard of theme for WWE's Kane, "Out Of The Fire", a totally awesome take on his classic theme which I'm suprised was never used, and would't be fitting if they wanted too now.

Overall I give Type O Negative - Life Is Killing Me a 4 of 5.
If you like Type O Negative, I also recommend listening to My Dying Bride and HIM.


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