Thursday, January 08, 2004

Sevendust VS Devil Driver

First of all I would like to note for the record that I am NOT an expert on the music scene. I just know what I like, and with a CD collection of almost 200 CDs (Actually PAID for,not downloaded!) there must be alot I like out there! Well not really, some are better than others and a few were a real waste of cash.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is for me to get out what I think about CDs and music videos. No expert analysis, just my opinion.
So for my 1st review, I'd like to compare 2 music videos as the bands seem to have a beef with each other: "Enemy" by Sevendust and "I Could Care Less" by Devil Driver.

First, A little background on why I picked these two videos. Ex-Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara apparantly rubbed his ex-band's ex-bassist (try saying that 3 times fast!) Rayna Foss-Rose the wrongway, and it prompted her husband, Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose to write the song "Enemy", probably targeted at Fafara. Fafara says the whole thing was taken out of context, but I can't help but feel his new band's first video is a response to Sevendust. Sounds like a wrestling angle doesn't it?

First up, "Enemy" by Sevendust. Video starts with a 3D graphic of the band, which is about the only time we'll see the band in this video. We are then introduced to our main focus of the video, the tough looking Romp and midget Chi Chi Gigante, holding a replica WWE championship belt! We then see some poor shmuck getting tossed around in an alley by buff chick Lulu, AKA Joanie 'Chyna' Laurer. So apparantly there's somekind of Street Fight thing going on and Romp is the champ. He challenges Lulu and disrobes to reveal (gasp!) he has NO ARMS!!! What follows is the armless wonder beats and totally embarasses the buff chick. Video ends with another scrolling 3D shot of the band. Someone call the WWE! They might have found the perfect tag partner or opponent for Zack Gowen!!! Oh yeah, the song was good too.

Next is "I Could Care Less" by Devil Driver. Dez Fafara's excellent new band. This is more straight forward and darker and heavier than the Sevendust video as it mainly focuses on the band jamming in a dark gloomy fogged up room with light bulbs hanging off the ceiling, and the occasional shot of Dez playing tarot card poker with a un-faced monk. Awesome song and cool video.

Verdict: Even though done on an obviously lower budget, Devil Driver win out here cause I always prefer videos where you can actually see the band jamming away, though Sevendust did have a good story going for it. The Devil Driver video is also heavier as compared to the more radio friendly Sevendust who still seek that elusive platinum album, while the Devil's "Could Care Less"!!! Download this video if you can find it!


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