Thursday, February 19, 2004

Music Video reviews

MNEMIC - Liquid - An awesome video by an awesome new Danish band. This was really good for the bands first video effort, which I guess means their record label sees lots of potential in their music. Video features lead singer Michael (he only has ONE name!) driving a fast car racing through the streets as scenes of the band jamming get thrown in here and there. Good effects used throughout and a catchy song too. 4/5

MNEMIC - Ghost - MNEMIC again! The name stands for Mainly Neurotic Energy Modifying Instant Creation by the way. Their second video effort seems a bit budgeted down as its mostly the bands jamming in a fixed environment, in this case a sewer (place your own 'career flushed down the toilet' joke here). Video is ok, but the video and song isn't as strong as Liquid was. 3/5

For more info on MNEMIC, visit their official web page:

Six Feet Under - Amerika the Brutal - My fav death metal band, to which music videos are a rarity. This is an all animated anti-war video. the animation is South Park grade, so don't expect too much. Great tune and the video is watchable despite some scenes made to turn your stomach like puking and such. 3/5

Probot - Shake Your Blood - Dave 'Foo Fighter' Grohl's long awaited metal project where each track on the album features a diferent singer from various metal bands. This one features Metal God Lemy Kilmister of Motorhead. Cool video featuring lots of eye candy and a good sounding tune to it. 3/5

Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom - End my reviews for today with a happy tune by a long missed band. The big eye catcher of this vid is Rachel Hunter strutting her stuff in everywhere and the band as kids ignoring her daughter, Stacy, that their dating and paying more attention to Stacy's Mom. Fun vid. 3/5


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