Friday, February 06, 2004

I got fined for this?!

I got a call from the bookstore to pick up the latest issue of Revolver magazine that I have a subscription to. So I go all the way to Imperial Mall and instead of using the Mall parking space, which I had to pay like 50cents for, I decided to use the public parking cause I thought I'd be in and out real quick. Wouldn't you know I forgot to note the date on my parking coupon and got fined 10 bucks for it!

I was excited to get this issue of Revolver as it covered their picks of the best albums of 2003. I flip through it only to be VERY dissapointed by their choices. Lamb of God album of the year? Yeah they gave alot of reasons why their no.1, but they forgot one reason: Revolver have been hanging with them ALL YEAR and even been sponsoring their shows! Why wouldn't they give the no.1 spot to their good buddies and financial investment? I'm not saying they don't deserve it, but I wouldn't give them the top spot. Of their list of the top 20, half of them were never even given a mention in the magazine throughout the whole year. Other choices just flat out boggle my mind and I could only see 3 bands I would agree on making that list: Dimmu Borgir, The Darkness and the afore mentioned Lamb of God. I'd also maybe give props to Turbonegro. At least Blink 182 didn't make the list.

Also in the mag was their picks of the top 25 greatest live acts of all time. Again I disagree with some of their choices, though I have never seen these live shows. Thursday in the top 5? Who? Exactly. What the heck happened to Korn? Why didn't they make the list?

The problem I see with their lists is that all the editors and writers have to agree together what goes where. I would have been more fun if each writer/editor got to gve their own top ten so there would be more variety like what Metal Edge magazine does every year.


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