Friday, March 19, 2004

Music Video Reviews

As I Lay Dying - 94 Hours
New hardcore group As I Lay Dying's first video effort features too many extreme close-ups of the band playing and no full group shots. Weird story of the video s a girl kisses her boyfriend than has a look like she just kissed a fag on her face for the rest of the video. Not all that good.
Video Rating: 2/5

Soulfly - Back To The Primative
Soulfly's 2nd album 'Primative' was one of my all time favorite albums. So why the heck did it take this long for me to get this video? Pretty good none the less. Mixing footage from their Ozz-fest stint with some low-budget footage.
Video Rating: 3/5

Soulfly - Tribe (Live-Big Day Out)
Another video from their Big Day Out show from Channel [V]. Pretty good though I can't really tell since I never heard the original version.
Video Rating: 2/5


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