Wednesday, March 10, 2004

New KoRn music video review

I know I don't update this blog much, but my new modem has really been making it difficult to download new videos for some reason. I just had to download this one though, and by far it's one of the best videos from one of my all time favourite bands ever.

KoRn – Y’All Want A Single?
This has got to be one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while! Though it’s simple (costing $150,000 according to the video), it really brings home a lot of points about the music industry that me, and I’m sure many other metalheads, agree with. This was probably my favorite song in the Take A Look In The Mirror album, and was also the probably the last song I expected to release a video off due to all the cursing involved (though they toned it down here).
The video basically shows the band destroying a CD store while points about the music ‘industry’ fly by the screen. Some would call it propaganda, some call it the truth. This song itself is the ultimate f*ck you to all the bad and repetitive songs and videos we hear on the radio and watch on TV all the time. It’s a good change from the anti-war stuff that’s currently going on. I highly recommend this music video!
Video Rating: 5/5


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