Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Music Video reviews

Iced Earth - When The Eagle Cries
Iced Earth have changed alot over the past few years. Formerly doing fantasy influenced metal, they made a change of pace after the 9/11 tragedy and focused they music more to American History. This video in particular is their 9/11 tribute and a good accoustic ballad. They cut down the song a bit, but it's still a great, touching video featuring various still shots of the 9/11 attack mixed with shots of various people's reactions as the events took place.
Video Rating: ***

Lacuna Coil - Heaven's A Lie
Italy's Lacuna Coil re-shot the video for their single after it broke them big in America, and the results were much better than the original studio footage version, though the song was cut down a bit. I only just got around to getting it now since I remembered about it when the new Nightwish video came out a while back. Stll highly entertaining stuff as the band plays in a chapel like environment with singers Christina Scabbia and Andrea Fero duking it out. Good stuff.
Video Rating: ***

Meshuggah - Rational Gaze
They may be credited as being one of the more original acts to come out of Sweden in a while, using their signature 8-string guitars to forge some REALLY heavy metal, but Meshuggah SUCKS at making videos. This one is a real strain on the eyes as the band play in a green CG type backdrop as the camera quickly cuts back and forth and can't seem to focus or keep up with the band. I couldn't even stand to finish watching this monstrosity as the song couldn't keep my attention.
Video Rating: *

Damageplan - Breathing New Life
Ex-Pantera co-founders Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrel's new band. I've been wanting to check this out for awhile and finally got the chance. Video is very simple as we see the band jamming in a black background with various single shots of each member. Much like Pantera's "Five Minutes Alone" video. The song even sounds like standard Pantera fare, which should be expected. Definately for fans of Pantera.
Video Rating: ***

Brujeria - La Migra
I'm not sure if it was suppose to come out that way, but this is one seriously FUNNY video by Mexican death metallers Brujeria as they sing about how Mexican immigrants get screwed trying to get into America by crooked transporters. The real hilarious stuff comes from the sub-titles at the bottom of the screen translating the all Spanish lyrics as the video goes by. Really funny stuff!
Video Rating: ***

Killswitch Engage - Rose of Sharyn
Their first single of the new album "The End of Heartache". It sees the band jamming in a desert surrounded by burnt trees with words such as "numb" or "speak" engraved into their dead branches. As the video goes on, the trees BLEED! Great song and cool video.
Video Rating: ***1/2

KoRn - Everything I Know
KoRn's third single, going back to the path of the "Right Now" video preferring to use an animated video, but this time in 3D CGI! Unfortunately, the quality of the 3D isn't all that good and you don't get the see the band in the video. Never a good thing as KoRn's videos are always more energetic when we get to see the band jam. Then again, that applies to most all videos.
Video Rating: **


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