Thursday, August 12, 2004

Lo Pro - Sunday

I don't really know how old this video is, but this is a really catchy song. Lo Pro is made up of former members of the now defunct metal group Ultraspank, this new incarnation is described by Revolver magazine as space-age rock. Whatever it is, it sounds good to me! As soon as they video starts up, the melody catches your attention. This is one of those anti-boredom, anti-depression songs, and that's probably why I like. Another way of describing the sound is the whisper to a scream type songs made popular by the likes of Staind and Deftones.
The video itself features the band playing in an empty theater, mix in with some live performance footage. The big selling point of this is definately the song over the video. Definately worth checking out. If not, then getting the mp3 is good enough.
Video Rating: ***

Credit: for the video


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