Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Rammstein - Mein Teal (My Part)

Till and his pyromaniac gang are back!!! The first single from Rammstein's upcoming new album (I don't know the name, but it's at the top on my most wanted list right now!). If their is one thing Rammstein has always been known for, it's putting out some of the most creative and best music videos EVER, rivalled possibly only by Tool.
Simply put, this is yet another MASTERPIECE from Germany's biggest musical export EVER! Like many of their past videos, this one shows the six band members in various roles (cross-dressing, begging, ballet dancing, fighting a mirror image, and EATING ANGELS!) throughout the rather creepy and freakish video. There's even a real sinister tone in the way Till sings here which would probably give young kids nightmares, that is, if the visuals don't do it first!
This song and video really heightens my expectations for the upcoming album. All I can say is YOU MUST GET THIS VIDEO!!!!
Video Rating: *****!!!!!

Credit: UrbanChaosVideos.com for the video. Go get it now!


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