Thursday, August 19, 2004

Some quick notes

I've noticed alot of good compilations and best of CDs have come out recently. Mostly from RoadRunner records who've issued a bunch of greatest hits albums from their former artists under the label. These include:
- The Best of Coal Chamber
- The Best of Deicide
- The Best of King Diamond
- The Best of Mercyful Fate (fronted by King Diamond)
- 311 Greatest Hits.

Also available is the 36 Crazy Fists debut album also under RoadRunner. They sound kinda like what Alien Ant Farm would be like if they were serious and didn't sniff their armpits all the time. And they scream more. Am planning on getting it unless something better comes out.
Original version of Soulfly's "Prophecy" CD are also available, since prior to this only bootleg pirated copies are out.
Also out is "Beneath Between Beyond" by industrial metalheads Static-X. It's a compilation of demos and B-sides. A special collectors edition of "Shadow Zone" is also available, comes bundled with a special DVD with live performance and other footage. I'd probably get this if I didn't already have the CD I bought in Singapore.


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