Monday, September 13, 2004

Slayer - Bloodline

The number one pick by Revolver magazine readers for Best Metal Video of the New Millenium (so far). Taken from their 2001 album, "God Hates Us All", which coincidentally was released on September 11th, This is an awesome video featuring TONS of blood dripping down as the band plays, mixed in with scenes of them in their gear, in suits, and playing while covered in blood!
Some other fun scenes include a kitten licking blood off the floor, a kid skipping around before dropping a teddy bear on the blood soaked floor, and the climatic ending where a priest removes his belt, looking like he's gonna do something nasty to a school girl, but instead hangs himself!
Great video that matches the doom and gloom atmosphere of the song!
Video Rating: ****1/2


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