Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Kittie - Into The Darkness

Canadian all girl band Kittie return after a long hiatus with a new album "Until The End" and two new members. Vocalist guitarist Morgan Landers and her sister drummer Mercedes Landers return with new members Jennifer J. Arroyo on bass replacing founding member, Telena, and guitarist Lisa Marx replacing guitarist Fallon Bowmem who quit the band several years back before the second album "Oracle" was released.
If you never heard them before, Kittie may be an all girl band, but they also were one of the heavyiest sounding bands around. And they hit the big time when they were only SIXTEEN!
This new video sees the band jamming in a black background, with scenes of them Morgan under water and the band lying on a bed of nails and dripping tears of blood. The two new members fit right in too.
The song itself is s mix of Morgan's growling and singing voices, which will be interesting to see how reproduce live. And since the video has both her voices going on at the time, I wonder if there's an option on the CD to use left or right audio to listen to the song in either growling voice or singing voice? That would be a neat option, and the song sounds good either way as it shows alot of growth from the band.
Hopefully, the new album will be available here soon. It was released 7/27/2004. Until then, I recommend this video.
Video Rating: ****

On a related note, since Kittie's new album is titled "Until The End", the Band Until The End will name their upcoming new album "Kittie"!


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