Sunday, September 05, 2004

Lost Prophets - Last Train Home

I dropped the ball on this one! I missed the chance to get the major label debut by British hardcore rockers Lost Prophets last year despite enjoying the 2 singles they put out, cause I had written them off as a Incubus/Hoobastank clone. And when their new album "Start Something" hit CD stores here I again didn't pick it up! Luckilly, it's still widely available so I still have the chance to get it, And I definately will after watching the two videos they released thus far!
This was the first video off the album, which features the band playing on the back of a moving trailer through a narrow alley surrounded by fans on both sides and on the rooftops. We also see a group of teens on their way to the event.
The main selling point is the song which has a feel-good vibe to it. Add to the fact they pull of some great catchy riffs and the melody sticks in your head easilly. Definately a recommended video!
Video rating: ***1/2

I saw the video for their 2nd single "Wake Up (Make A Move)", on MTV last week, which was another killer track that got me interested to get the album. I'll definately get the album, but I'm also spoilled for choice since I also have a vested interest in getting the 311 Greatest Hits '93-'03 CD, which to my knowledge there is only ONE copy available in the whole city! Decisions decisions! Check back to see what I finally decide on.


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