Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Saliva - Survival of the Sickest

The title track off their new album. A really fun video with Josey Scott and the crew jamming away at a concert, and two hot chicks driving hot rods racing to get to the show when they find out both have the hots for Josey.
Lots of high speed action as the girls finally reach the concert venue and both enter the band's dressing room at the same time just as the concert ends. Saliva return to the dressing room to find the girls waiting for Josey!
Fun video and song to go with it!
Video Rating: ***1/2

On that note, Saliva vocalist Josey Scott was also featured in the October issue of Revolver Magazine in the "Rock-Star Rides" column, with Josey's 2001 red Corvette as his favourite ride. Seems the guy is also notorious for ripping up the roads in his home state of Memphis, and the local cops even know him well enough to not bug him about speeding!


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