Friday, October 01, 2004

Insision - We Did Not Come To Heal

I havent heard a good death metal song in a while, and THIS is a good death metal song! Death metal videos are usually simple shots of the band jamming with a few morbid visuals thrown in, and this one follows that simple but effective formula.
The video basically just features the band jamming in the corner of what looks like an abandoned warehouse or factory, with shots of some retard staring blankly into the sky.
The first thing that will probably catch your attention is the way the singer's eyes just pop out of the darkness at you! And he has a good voice to boot. Rather than the straight unintelligible Cookie Monster growls, his vocal style borders on a deep growl to a whisper, which is really cool and matches the thrashing music.
I also like that this video is about 65% instrumental as the vocals don't chime in till about a minute into the video, and is filmed in a cool grainy black, white and yellow old film style. Great head-bangin' stuff here!
Video Rating: ****

Credit: HDPVidz for the video


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