Friday, September 24, 2004

KoRn - Word Up

The newest video by KoRn taken from their upcoming Greatest Hits Vol.1 album is a cover of a classic '80s song by Cameo, also covered in the early '90s by Gun, who did a very fun hard rock version of the song.
This is a pretty fun video that shows the band as DOGS with their faces superimposed where the dogs should be. Weird and funny at the same time.
Video follows singer Jonathan Davis as a chihuahua as he strolls about a Mexican town known as "The Badlands". He gets up to some mischief like peeing on a guys shoe and such. He then runs into the rest of the band who chase him around till they end up in a strip bar and start partying down with the babe-alicious dancers!
Fun video, and I'm guessing with all the blurred out shots near the end, there's gotta be an uncensored version of this video somewhere.
Video Rating: ***1/2


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