Sunday, October 31, 2004

Otep - Buried Alive

Otep is probably one of (if not THE) most pissed off women in metal. Her songs are mostly based on her real life accounts of being abused as a child, with very convincing screams of anger which are enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end!

This video showcases that rage. Shot in a gloomy yellow grainy style (like Insision), it features Ms. Otep in a dark empty type room as she whispers on the verge of screaming her heart out about how she hates her life (which is the chorus of this really spooky track).
As the video progresses, shots of the band jamming are shown, as well as Otep scribbling on a screen, and clawing and scratching away at it in anger. The video climaxes with a sudden shift in direction and they blast away at full speed for the final 40 seconds of the video.
It ends with Otep ripping her face off (!) revealing a hallow shell and the camera pans out to show her stuck in somekind of hour-glass thingy. The part where she rips off her face is actually based on the cover art for their album, House of Secrets.

Overall, this is a very spooky video and I'm sure there are many angry teens out there that can identify with the very angry message this song conveys. This song might sound like an album closer, but it really does have a very dark and gloomy ring to it and well worth checking out.

Video Rating: ***1/2

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