Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Damageplan - Save Me

I think this was actually their first or second single.
The video starts out with vocalist Patrick Lachman strapped to an interogation chair surrounded my small mirrors around his face, and switches between shots of him singing on the chair to shots of him with the rest of Damageplan jamming in a dark space, with eventual shots of them surrounded by mirrors.
As the video progresses, we see the singer of the band burying a body in the rain, and the body then rises from the grave and it turns out to be the vocalist himself! "Save me from Myself" indeed!
There were alot of close-ups of Dimebag Darrell here as he tore up the song on his trademark Washburn guitar. The riffs in the song itself actually sound like they were borrowed from Primer 55's "This Life" from way back in 2001, but with the signature Dimebag flare added.
This is a simple, but very good video, and after watching it and hearing the track, I really wished that I had bought the CD when it came out all those months ago. Now I can't even find it anywhere!
Video Rating: ***1/2


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