Friday, January 07, 2005

Gene Simmons - Fire Starter

Two things of note going into this: 1) YES, this is Gene Simmons of KISS fame doing a solo project, and 2) YES again, this is a cover of the popular song by the Prodigy that got the dance punk group popular all those years ago!

This is actually a pretty fun video that sees Simmons as a big ol' pimp surrounded by a bevy of beauties. Yup, LOTSA EYE CANDY HERE! We see the girls bumping and grinding around a mansion, around and in a pool, and around a bunch of trippin' low riders!
Simmons himself is shown doing his rolled-back white demon eyes thing, while sticking his notorious tongue out here and there. He's also seen drinking his wine, tossing his cash around, and flashing his bling-bling, all while the girls jiggle and shake around him. Heck, in one scene he's even standing on water in the middle of the pool!

His singing voice might not match the song all that well, but they made up for it by adding more guitars to make it sound just a tad bit heavier than the original. I Hate to say it, but he did a darn fine job with this one, and I highly recommend checking it out!
Video Rating: ****


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