Monday, December 27, 2004

GWAR - War Party

Long before Slipknot made masked costumed metal cool, GWAR were shocking audiences everywhere with their weird antics and wild stage shows.

From the lyrics they seem to be protesting against Bush and the war just like everyone else is now a days. At least GWAR make it sound fun. The video starts out as a breaking news story as GWAR's War Party have won the election and are now jamming in times square! That's pretty much it for most of the video, other the news report type screens with the little info bar at the bottom of the screen with some hilarious "news" like the NASDAQ soaring after the War Party won the election and invade the White House! There are also some scenes of vocalist Oderous Urangus bashing his minions over the head with clubs and sledgehammers.

Overall, a pretty fun video from the original modern day masked shock rockers. If you've never seen them before or are interested to check them out, then I highly recommend this video.
Video Rating: ***1/2


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