Sunday, February 06, 2005

Breed 77 - Shadows

Sorry if I haven't updated this blog in awhile, but I've finally got some good stuff to review in the following days. Starting off with this great video by Breed 77!
Breed 77 are an interesting new band and Shadows is a killer track off their album, Cultura.

The video features the band rockin' hard on this catchy, all acoustic track and features a storyline similar to the Antonio Banderas movie, Desperado, or the Spanish original, El Mariachi. But with exception of the main character, everything is animated and drawn American comic book style!
The Desperado basically walks a dessert road alone carrying his guitar case till he reaches a town, enters a bar and orders a drink while all eyes are on him. After he finishes his drink, he sets down his guitar case and opens it to have all this fireworks and colours coming out of it!
All the while the band is shown rockin' in a dark room with white lights flying around them like spirit orbs. And as the Desperado closes his case, we see that the band were inside there playing all along!

This was a really great vid, and I really like the way the song is played like a rockin' mariachi track! Gonna keep my eye out for these guys, and hope that everything else they do sounds like this. I highly recommend this!
Video Rating: ****1/2


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