Thursday, April 14, 2005

Trivium - Pull Harder on the Strings of My Martyr

All I can say about this video is "Wow!". From this video alone you can see that Trivium put on a Hell of a live show as they got that old school Slayer speed thrash thing going on, including an awesome dual-guitar axe attack. There's also very good vocal work as the singer growls like old-school James Hatfield before he wimped out and he transitions his voice into singing really well. And the guy is just eighteen! The guy definately has a future if he can sing AND play guitar the way he does at his age.
The story of the video as we see the band jams is this bald guy in an oversized diaper dipping his hands in paint and painting a canvas, as well as tying himself up in string before using it to paint his masterpiece, which in the end turns out to be the band's logo and album cover.
This was a really good video, and I can't believe I almost passed it up! Definately worth getting as I believe it really gives you the feel of what the band's live show is like. I would have preffered if it didn't have any of that retard with the body paints in it, but nobody's perfect.
Video Rating: ****


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