Sunday, March 27, 2005

Wednesday 13 - I Walked With A Zombie

Most people probably know Wednesday 13 as lead singer for the Murderdolls, Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison's shock-rock side project. But the thing is, Wednesday has been doing the shock-punk rock thing long before he hooked up with Joey and some of the Murderdolls tracks were originally Wednesday 13 songs that were re-worked.
So now that Joey is back with Slipknot, Wednesday has taken it upon himself to finally break out on his own thanks to the new found Murderdolls recognition.

The video basically plays like a Rob Zombie video, whereas we see the band jamming laced in with scenes from the classic horror flick, Night of the Living Dead, the original black and white version. The real fun part is near the end when they pull a Forrest Gump and have the band interacting with the movie characters in somewhat funny ways!
The song is really good too and will appeal to you instantly if your already a fan of the Murderdolls or the Misfits.
Great video overall, and well worth checking out.
Video Rating: ****


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