Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Static Lullaby - Stand Up

A fun video from this hard-rockin' fivesome. The video starts of with the band's singer giving some money to a homeless guy, and then gets to rocking with the rest of the band. Interesting to note that the guitarist and bassist take the lead vocal duties in this song, so there are three guys singing throughout!
Anyway, a kid snatches the money from the homeless guy and uses it to get some snacks from a convinience store. The clerk pockets the money only to pay it off to some guy in an RV, possibly buying drugs? The RV driver then uses the money to pay off a hot-looking hooker. The pro later gets pulled aside by a cop, and she uses the cash to bribe the cop. The cop than passes the money to this teen on a bike, and the guy goes to gamble it on a street side game of dice when this other guy in wins it away, and as he makes his way to his car, we see the money is laying on the road in a puddle of water. What a journey money can make in one day :)
This was a really interesting story video, and the song is really good too as the three singers have great harmony and melody to match. Definately worth checking out!
Video Rating: ****


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