Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Adema - Tornados

I've been handing out alot of big points for my recent reviews, but I finally found a big dissapointment in this new one from Adema. In late 2004, founding member and vocalist Mark Chavez (aka half brother of KoRn's Jonathan Davis) quit the band, and so did one of the guitarists who's name escapes me at this time. Anyways, the remaining members signed to a new label and hired a new singer.
Now the problem is the band seemed to have completely dropped the style that made them what they were to begin with in favour of the rock crap that crams the airwaves. And this is another one of those videos that features a guy a who either breaks up or is having relationship problems. BORING and DULL.
Whatever happened to the Adema videos with that had the band jamming in natural disasters and video games? And the new singer isn't all that good either. A real big dissapointment in my book.
Video Rating: *


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