Monday, May 09, 2005

Mudvayne - Lost and Found (CD)

The latest album from Mudvayne sees the band leave their demonic make-up days clear behind them as they embrace a more mainstream feel to their musical stylings. Many would consider it selling out, but this is how they feel right now so I guess everyone will just have to live with it.
Obviously this is one of the bands most accessible albums yet and should appeal to nu-metal fans as well as long time Mudvayne fans. Singer Chad Gray might sing more, but he still does his share of screaming, like on the killer opener "Determined", a killer 3-minute track that'll get you pumping your fist in the air.
But the band also tackles some personnal issues like on "Happy", a great track to listen to when your feeling pissed off. And like many bands in this day and age, they take on the anti-war message with "Choices", a HUGE 8-minute track that easilly sounds like 3 different songs mixed into one, and the fact that it continues directly from the track before does confuse things a bit. They also added this weird robotic voice going "eanie-meanie-minie-mo" on the track.
They may have changed their sound a bit, but this is definately still Mudvayne. The album may not sound as good as their breakthrough album "L.D.50", but it's better than their second record, "The End of All Things To Come", by leaps and bounds in my book and I recommend this album.

CD Rating: ***1/2

Must Hear Tracks:
- Determined
- Happy
- Rain.Sun.Gone
- Choices
- TV Radio


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